New Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Oil Capsule Formula

Our highly anticipated Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Oil Capsules have just been released! This all new formulation combines the power of CBD oil with turmeric, black pepper and decaffeinated green tea extract.

We know that inflammation is a huge issue many of our customers face, so we made this capsule with your needs in mind. Inflammation alone is very uncomfortable, and it’s also a symptom of many other chronic illnesses. With our new CBD oil capsule formulation, you can get the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, black pepper, green tea, and CBD oil all in one capsule.

15 mgs of CBD Oil per Capsule

Each capsule contains 15 mgs of CBD oil, and one serving size is one capsule. This is a mid-sized dosage similar to 1 ml of our 550 mg Extra Strength Tincture, which contains approximately 18.3mgs of CBD oil per ml.

Most people can expect to experience results within 20 minutes of ingesting a capsule. CBD oil has been studied for many purposes and shows promising results. You can find research articles on CBD for anxiety, inflammation, arthritis and more in our article The Best CBD Oil Educational Resources.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has been used for centuries for its herbal and medicinal qualities. Today, the Arthritis Foundation recommends turmeric as a natural supplement for arthritis. According to this study, turmeric has shown to be as effective as ibuprofen for patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Turmeric has also shown success while being studied for its effects as an antioxidant. This study concluded that turmeric protected the liver from carcinogens. This is great news for people who are concerned about the effects of strong medications on the liver. UCLA researched curcumin for memory and mood, and found that patients improved by 28% on cognitive tests.

The active compound in turmeric is called curcumin, which is also referred to as a curcuminoid. Curcuminoids are wonderful, but as they aren’t absorbed by the body very easily, we have enhanced our formula with black pepper.

Black Pepper – Turmeric’s Best Friend

Black pepper, or piperine, has been shown to increase the bioavailability of curcuminoids by over 150%! This means it helps your body to better absorb the curcuminoids, and put them to work. Not only does it boost the benefits of turmeric, but it can stand alone as a valuable supplement.

This study shows that piperine has antirheumatic effects for animals. Rheumatic diseases affect joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and lupus are all common rheumatic diseases that affect people’s lives severely.

Rheumatic diseases are often treated with a cocktail of various medications, leaving many patients to wonder if there isn’t something more natural that will work. Well, this one’s for you!

Health Benefits of Green Tea

To keep with our anti-inflammation theme we have also included green tea in our capsules. Green tea has been accepted by the scientific community as having antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Green tea is a well known antioxidant, which means it can help fight cancer. This is thanks to catechin, an antioxidant that is plentiful in green tea. Research has found that catechins work with CB1 cannabinoid receptors. Green tea has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels as it aids in improving blood flow.

Green tea is considered by many to be the healthiest beverage out there, however many people don’t want the caffeine. That’s why we use decaffeinated green tea extract, to keep you feeling comfortable.

One Capsule: All the Benefits

Can you believe we fit all these amazing properties into one simple capsule? Well, you may just want to see for yourself! Try taking one capsule per day for 60 days, and let us know how you’re doing. We love to hear your stories, because they help us educate others.

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