CBD for Anxiety

Recently, alternative medicine has been offering people new ways to treat a variety of common medical disorders. Among these, anxiety is one of the primary disorders that medical authorities are focusing on.

This raises an interesting question: Can you take CBD for anxiety? Nothing is for sure as of yet, but we at Hemp Health are confident you’ll learn something new and valuable from reading this page!

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety describes the feelings of unease, worry, or fear that occur when a person perceives an expected threat to their wellbeing. Anxiety afflicts many people all over the world and can actually take form as an emotional or physical reaction, such as nervous behavior or fatigue.

People who suffer from an anxiety disorder often feel nervous or fearful of sometimes everyday situations. It is important to mention that in some cases the “expected” threat may not actually pose any danger at all. However, this does not matter much to people with anxiety. For them, the perceived threat can be one that upsets their otherwise normal lives.

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms vary according to the type of disorder. Common types of anxiety disorders include panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, fear of flying or other phobias, or generalized anxiety disorder.

As stated, symptoms can take form in either an emotional or physical manifestation. For panic disorders, this manifestation sometimes occurs as a “panic attack,” with the victim experiencing sweating, chest pain, and even a choking sensation. Social anxiety symptoms occur when the person is out in public or imagines a scenario where they will be judged by other people. Generalized anxiety disorder is recognized by excessive worry.

Currently, medication is a common treatment for many of the anxiety disorders. Other treatments include lifestyle changes and therapy.