The Best CBD Oil Discounts

Military – Disability – Student – Teacher Discounts on CBD Oil

At Pharma Hemp Complex, we are dedicated to creating premium quality CBD oil products that are accessible. If you are eligible for any of the discounts below, please contact us to initiate a discount request. If you don’t qualify for any of the lifetime discounts listed below, keep reading to learn more about other ways you can save on Pharma Hemp Complex CBD oil.

  • Military Discount: 40% Off CBD Oil
    • Active duty and military veterans are welcome to 40% off every purchase for either themselves or immediate family. Confirmation of active duty can be requested securely from the SCRA website. VA card or DD-214 can be used to confirm veteran status.
  • Disability Discount: 40% Off CBD Oil
    • Both physical and mental disabilities are eligible. Terminal illnesses also qualify. Please have a doctors note or receipt of disability benefits prepared for eligibility confirmation.
  • Student & Teacher Discount: 20% Off CBD Oil
    • Students with valid student ID from a college, university, or other higher education institution are eligible. Teachers for all grade levels with valid identification also qualify.

Next Steps:

  1. We will contact you to request documentation securely. Please black out any sensitive information such as SSN.
  2. Upon confirmation we will authorize your email address to use the appropriate discount code.
  3. We share the discount code with you, and you start saving on every purchase.

More CBD Oil Deals

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