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Pharma Pet Health

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from hemp CBD. In fact, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system – this system allows us to reap the benefits of hemp CBD. This is good news for our furry friends! We have several products to choose from to meet your pet’s needs, with more in development (coming soon – Relaxation Remedy, for use by pet owners and veterinarians alike!). Choose from irresistible bacon-flavored hemp CBD dog treats, hemp CBD nutritional capsules, or from three flavors of our oral hemp CBD spray which is offered in two different concentrations.

Hemp Health is proud to announce a partnership with veterinarian Dr. Tamara Hebbler of Healing Hope Wellness Center. “Doctor AMara” received her D.V.M. at the University of California at Davis in 1998. With 15 years in holistic veterinary medicine and 12 years of homeopathy experience, Doctor AMara has developed a unique practice that focuses on family, with pets being central to the healing experience and process. Together, we are constantly working behind the scenes to bring you new hemp CBD products for your pets.

Dr. Hebbler may be reached at 1.877.598.9984 or sales@HempHealthInc.com for any questions about your furry family members and how hemp CBD can be right for them. Contact us today, and give your pet the very best!