Health Benefits of Raw Freeze Dried Pet Treats

Health Benefits of Raw Freeze Dried Pet Treats

Freeze dried foods are sometimes called astronaut food because of their long shelf life. Soldiers and survivalists are already familiar with the practical benefits of real, long-lasting foods. Now, freeze dried foods are quickly becoming popular on the health food market because of their many health benefits. These benefits extend to what your pet eats too!

Raw freeze dried treats are a healthy way to treat your pets to the nutrition they crave.

What Freeze Dried Means

Also known as instant freeze, lyophilisation or cryodesiccation, freeze drying uses low temperatures to create dehydration. Freeze drying differs from traditional dehydration in that no heat is used to evaporate the water. The process also involves lowered pressure and ice removal. During the low pressure stage is when the ice vaporizes, and drying occurs. Since the ice and moisture vaporize, there is no need to keep the food frozen after freeze drying is complete.

Freeze drying allows all the active nutrients of the original food to stay fresh and preserved without cooking or refrigeration.

One of the benefits of freeze dried food is that they can be rehydrated to bring them back to their original state. Simply adding water, milk, or broth can bring a freeze dried food back to its origins. While rehydrating is optional, some prefer the taste and texture of the original food. For pets with sensitive teeth, rehydrating can provide extra comfort while snacking.

Raw salmon, in it’s freshest state, can be preserved by freeze drying.

Raw Diet Benefits for Pets

Pharma Hemp Complex Chicken and Salmon Pet Treats are made with real fresh chicken, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon that’s freeze dried in its natural raw state. Raw meats are what carnivores like cats and dogs crave the most in their everyday diet. This is why cats and dogs will often hunt, or bring you unexpected ‘presents’, even though they have plenty to eat at home!

While this shows your pets’ impressive natural hunting capabilities, no pet owner wants their companion eating wild, and disease ridden animals. Raw, freeze dried pet treats allow your furry friend to enjoy the real nutrition they crave, without the harmful side effects of raw meat they find in the wild.

Nutritional benefits from freeze dried raw foods:

  • High in Protein
    Protein helps build strong muscles and reduces the risk of injury. More energy, more endurance.
  • High in Natural Nutrients
    Vital nutrients are not destroyed and remain in a natural state for best nutrition.
  • High Palatability & Digestibility
    Optimum nourishment through the whole digestive system leads to less food intake and smaller stools.
  • Low Carbohydrates & Starches
    Carbohydrates are hard on a pet’s digestion and high doses are not needed in a carnivore’s diet.
  • Complete & Balanced Diet
    A balanced ratio of protein, fat, bones, organs, and vitamins for optimum health.
  • High Moisture Content when Rehydrated
    Hydration keeps kidneys and urinary tracts healthy. Carnivore’s have a low thirst drive and get most of their moisture from their prey.
  • Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6)
    Fatty acids keep pet’s skin and coat healthy.
  • Natural Fat Content
    Fat is a natural energy booster.

Compared to traditional pet kibble, which can include starchy fillers, meat by-products, and harmful preservatives, freeze dried raw is the only way to go!

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