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Roxie is getting around a lot better these days.

“It’s a perfect natural alternative for me,” she said.

Thompson says she saw such improvement with Roxie that her company Hemp Health Inc. added a line of pet products containing hemp.

The company sells sprays in vanilla and peppermint flavors, and will soon be adding a bacon-flavored one. They also offer capsules, creams and oils containing hemp. It’s not FDA approved to treat medical conditions, so the company can’t make any outright claims but it says clients are using it as a natural way to treat a number of health conditions including seizures, anxiety and pain relief.

Co-owner Katarina Maloney says the healing qualities come from cannabidiol or CBD and while hemp is a member of the cannabis family, it’s different from the other varieties because it doesn’t contain THC.

“There’s that differentiation that people should know because there’s no THC in it, so people can’t get high,” said Maloney.

Maloney says that means pet owners can legally give it to their pets.

“Our products are coming from high CBD hemp strains which is 50 states legal,” she said.

The company has been around for four months. As for Roxie, Thompson says she’s feeling well enough to jump on the furniture again.

“It’s wonderful I have my little girl back,” she said.