How Does CBD Make You Feel?

What are the health benefits of CBD and how does CBD make you feel?

What is CBD oil?

CBD, which is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in Cannabis Sativa plants. More specifically, hemp cannabis plants, which have .3% or less of THC. CBD, unlike THC, does not have psychoactivity or intoxicating effects on the body. CBD oil is extracted from the plant and diluted into carrier oils such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil, and incorporated into a variety of products that can be ingested or applied topically for therapeutic purposes.

How does CBD make you feel?

Scientists discovered that CBD binds to a host of cannabinoid receptors found throughout the entire body. Receptors send and receive messages using molecules. So far, scientists know the following receptors that CBD bind to include the endocannabinoid system, serotonin, dopamine, opioid, and neurotransmitter receptors. Although clinical studies in humans are currently limited, ongoing research shows promising results of the different effects CBD-rich hemp extracts can have on your body’s homeostasis.

So how does CBD make you feel? CBD have therapeutic benefits in helping with managing pain, stress-response, inflammation & immunity, mood, and more. Human studies are limited, but we are learning more about the effects of CBD and the role it plays in your health in news daily.

Four Hemp CBD Oil Products you can use daily

Hemp CBD Topicals – Topicals are designed for external use only. When applied topically, it gets absorbed through the skin for localized relief of soreness, pain, and inflammation. CBD oils are infused with select ingredients into bath bombs, massage oils, body balms, and salves to produce a unique product that delivers therapeutic results.

Hemp CBD Tincture – We formulate our tinctures with a low concentration of CBD oil in an all-natural blend of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and a vegetable glycerin base. It’s a sublingual solution placed under the tongue for rapid absorption.

Hemp CBD Capsules – Our vegan-based CBD capsules are easy to fit into your health-focused lifestyle. We make each CBD capsule product with naturally sourced ingredients and pure full-spectrum CBD oil.

Hemp CBD Isolate Powder -You can use isolate powder to make a CBD infused formula or take it on its own as a sublingual solution. It’s a highly concentrated, pure CBD powder that is both tasteless and odorless.

Hemp CBD Edibles – Hemp CBD extracts are combined with other high-quality edible ingredients to create a fresh-tasting, healthy snack or meal. Our CBD edibles are available in the form of cbd gummies, cbd green juice mix, protein powder, various nut butter, or honey.

Our mission at Hemp Health is to bring the highest quality, affordable hemp cannabidiol based products to the marketplace. When you buy our hemp CBD oil products, you are getting products you can trust, tested by third-party laboratories, and free of toxins. We encourage you to read the many government clinical trials and online-published medical journals that explore the possibility of CBD oil alternatives and contact your healthcare practitioner to find out if CBD could meet your healthcare needs.