How to Talk to Your Family About CBD Oil

If you love CBD oil as much as we do, chances are you wind up chatting about it with just about everyone you know. Odds are you’ve thought to yourself, “What does my family think about CBD oil?!”

Many people have loved ones who can benefit from CBD oil, but they just don’t know about it. Perhaps you are taking CBD, are considering taking it, or just want to let them know. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to start the conversation, and keep it flowing smoothly.

Starting The Conversation

CBD oil has been a trending topic in the last couple of years. This makes it easy to bring up in conversation. If you feel your family is rather neutral on the topic of hemp, you could easily start with something like, “Hey have you heard about CBD oil? It’s all over the internet right now,” or “My friend told me about CBD oil the other day, have you heard of it?” You might find out they already know a thing or two about CBD oil.

If you feel like your family may know what cannabis is, but they aren’t very fond of it, you might want to start off a little differently. Start by talking about topical applications of CBD oil. Many people who are weary of cannabis are much more comfortable with the concept of using CBD oil topically. Let them know that CBD oil cannot enter the bloodstream via topical application.

If they ask about ingesting CBD oil, focus how ingesting CBD oil has helped people in ways that topical applications cannot. Wait until they seem comfortable to talk about what CBD is made from. Then, lead with the most important differentiator: CBD doesn’t get you high, and it comes from hemp, a plant with virtually no THC.

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Destigmatizing Hemp CBD Oil

Whether your family is generally accepting of cannabis or not, it’s really important to destigmatize hemp and CBD oil. Even if your family has been proud supporters of cannabis for generations, they might not have any idea what CBD is. Regardless of their current biases, be sure to steer them towards the facts.

CBD Oil Doesn’t Get You High

A great number set to reference is that CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana has about 15-20% THC on average. This is an easy statistic to understand for family members who love numbers and those who don’t.

Another way to explain this is through history. Years and years ago, cannabis plants naturally had low levels of THC. It wasn’t until people started breeding the plants to have higher THC levels that it became what it’s known for today.

CBD Oil Works with the Endocannabinoid System

Some people who are pro-cannabis are surprisingly skeptical about whether or not CBD oil actually works. It’s common to hear “If it doesn’t get you high, what’s the point?!” followed by a hearty laugh. Even some who are anti-cannabis might make this point, especially if they have a good sense of humor.

A great way to approach those who may be skeptical about the purpose of how CBD oil works is to talk about the endocannabinoid system. All mammals have an innumerable amount of natural cannabinoid receptors throughout their entire body, each of these receptors are sensitive to the numerous and unique components for the CBD molecule. Not only that but there are two types of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.

CBD oil works directly with these receptors to create the therapeutic effects it is known for and  provides a direct communication between the varying types of cells within our bodies. A well-known example, if you are injured, CBD helps instruct cells on how to handle the injury.

All Kinds of People Take CBD Oil – Pets Too!

There is not a stereotype for CBD users, people from all walks of life can benefit from CBD oil. Better yet, our pets also gain from the use of CBD oil, big or small, scales to feathers.

Athletes praise CBD oil for its aid in the recovery process, and healthy young puppies love CBD oil pet treats during training. One of the most common reasons why people take CBD oil is to aid anxiety. Anxiety disorders are highly prevalent, odds are the person you are talking with has experienced it at some point.

CBD oil can be purchased at a variety of places, here online, grocery and pet stores, spas, cafes and more! Many people think the only place to purchase CBD oil is at a cannabis dispensary or smoke shop, but that’s simply not the case. Take a look at our store locator to see the variety of vendors we work with.

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Making a Recommendation

One reason you may want to talk to your family about CBD oil is that you think they could benefit from taking it. Making recommendations can be tricky, especially if you have family who has been misinformed, or if they don’t take their health seriously. The best way for someone to see how CBD oil can help them is to try it themselves. Have some CBD onhand that they can try at the moment, CBD capsules are perfect for sharing.

Tailor your Research

Before you recommend CBD oil, do some tailored research. Websites like make it easy to find studies on the effectiveness of full spectrum CBD for a wide range of specific ailments. Everything is alphabetized from Addiction to West Syndrome, so you are bound to find the study you are looking for.

There are also a ton of testimonials published online. A quick search on Google, YouTube, and even Twitter can yield tons of results. Find a reputable testimonial from someone you think your loved one will be able to relate to. Start a conversation with someone online, the CBD oil community is very generous with sharing experiences.

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Weigh the Pros and Cons

If you are considering recommending CBD oil to your family, you are probably familiar with all the benefits of CBD oil. Not only is CBD oil a natural remedy, but it also has a plethora of versatile applications which easily make it a household staple.

Full spectrum CBD oil aids in easing anxiety, as it promotes a calming and relaxing effect. CBD will assist a person in getting better sleep, which in turn, in many cases, will boost a person’s brain power and strengthen things like memory. It also helps ease temporary discomfort with muscle and joint pain.

Let’s cover some common concerns many beginners face.

Commonly asked, “What are the side effects?”, compared to many traditional medicinals, CBD oil has very few side effects and no potential risk for addiction or overdose. The most well-known side-effect is drowsiness, which for those seeking to treat insomnia, is actually a benefit.

For some, the only downside to CBD oil is the cost, since health insurance doesn’t currently cover CBD oil. However, if this is something that can potentially replace other costly medicines, and reduce expensive office visits, CBD oil can potentially pay for itself. Many companies, including our own, offer special discounts such as our 40% off military discount, and clearance items. This can make a huge difference in the affordability of the product.

Another point some may bring up would be the taste, but that can easily be avoided by taking CBD oil capsules, isolate, or edibles. Keep in mind, not all CBD oil tinctures are crafted the same. Some are simply mixed with olive oil or other unsavory ingredients. Our oral sprays are made with vegetable glycerine, a friendly sweetener that makes our sprays more palatable, and we also offer a peppermint flavor which is very refreshing.

Drug testing is a concern many face, luckily there are options for those as well. CBD isolate for example contains no THC at all. Topicals are a great alternative too, as the CBD oil doesn’t enter the bloodstream through the skin.

Not that kind of baby steps, you know what we’re talkin’ about.

Take Baby Steps

You don’t have to fully onboard them in just one, two, or even three discussions. Give them time to let the information sink in. Let them do some of their own research, and don’t get discouraged if they seem doubtful.

If you can, take them to a place like a farmers market, where you are likely to find a CBD oil vendor and they can ask additional questions. Learning more from a new person who is also likely well-versed in the knowledge and benefits can help them see that CBD oil is a common natural remedy just on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

Encourage your loved one to research and ask questions on CBD . This way next time you talk about it with them, they will have something to share. Stay positive, the amount of in-depth CBD oil studies have skyrocketed over the last year alone, there is a lot of hope for the future.

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