New CBD Massage Oil from Pharma Hemp Complex

Indulge in sweet relaxation with a soothing CBD oil massage. Find your bliss with three amazing scent options. Made with hydrating sweet almond oil, sweet coconut oil, and all natural essential oils. Each bottle contains 500mg of premium quality, all natural hemp derived CBD oil.

High Concentration CBD Massage Oil

Many popular CBD massage oils contain only 100mg of CBD oil per 8oz., Pharma Hemp Complex CBD massage oil contains a whopping 500mg per 8oz., and costs a fraction of the price. At Pharma Hemp Complex, we manufacture our own products, which allows us to pass the savings on to our valued customers. You deserve the very best, don’t skimp on CBD content when choosing a massage oil.

CBD Massage for Muscle Soreness

Massages are a great way to release tension and untie knotted muscles. When you start to top off that massage with the added benefits of CBD oil, you will never go back to regular massages. Whether you are under a lot of stress, or just started a new workout routine, a CBD massage can help restore your muscles.

Aromatic CBD Massage Oil for Aromatherapy

Pharma Hemp Complex CBD massage oils are available in three soothing scents: Jasmine Bali Flower, Lavender Bulgarian Meadow, and Pine Forest. Transport your senses for ultimate deep relaxation. These gentle scents promote mindfulness and encourage deep breathing.