CBD Bath Bombs

Can CBD bath bombs fight against Covid-19 or Omicron variant?

The world is fighting against the deadly Covid-19 virus, and Omicron is just setting foot in our lives. So, maintaining a safe lifestyle and a healthy diet is the need of the hour. Well, amid all these issues, some people ask if they can use CBD bath bombs to fight against Covid-19 or Omicron.

The answer is no. However, CBD bath bombs may offer other therapeutic benefits, which may be very helpful during a pandemic. Let’s explore the benefits of CBD bath bombs.

Better Immunity to fight against Covid-19 & Omicron

Ensuring better Immunity is a sensible idea during a pandemic. Not to mention, lack of sleep or irregular sleep , anxiety, depression may lead to weak Immunity. Most people that don’t sleep suffer poor Immunity and poor metabolism.

Better sleep quality can help your body perform at its best. As per scientists, CBD promotes sleep and boosts the quality of sleep. People who get sufficient sleep tend to enjoy a healthy mind-state and better Immunity.

CBD bath bombs can relieves stress caused by pandemic

Pandemic means work-from-home, no schools, and more chores. Pandemic has affected everyone’s schedule, and some people enjoy it while many people suffer stress due to many reasons. Especially, families with older people, kids, and pets suffer a lot of stress.

CBD bath bombs come with CBD oil that may help relieve the stress. A hot water bath with CBD’s anxiolytic properties may be the best thing that could bring down your anxiety symptoms like stress, anger, and depression.

A Painless Pandemic is Possible with use of CBD bath bombs

Anxiety symptoms are not limited to stress and depression but could bump up the muscle tension as well. Also, nearly 65% of health enthusiasts couldn’t go out for a workout, walk, or jog due to the pandemic. The tiredness and stress accumulate in the muscles and lead to chronic pain.

As per studies, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and induces anti-inflammatory actions. Also, CBD may be effective in reducing stress levels. As a result, you can enjoy a pain-free life with CBD bath bombs.

An ultimate skincare solution

Visiting spas and beauty salons may not be ideal when there’s a virus spread out there. On the other hand, harsh weather, skin issues, and wounds can cause skin inflammation and skin-cell damages.

According to scientists, CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that could eliminate inflammation and naturally recover damaged cells. Besides, CBD is an excellent moisturizer that can keep your skin surface hydrated.

Why to buy CBD bath bombs?

CBD bath bombs contain CBD oil along with Epsom salt will provide you with ultimate relaxation and potential health benefits.

Likewise, regular bath bombs may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin, skin conditions, and skin dryness, CBD bath bombs include lot of essential oils and coconut oil and this will not be the case. In addition, CBD is a natural compound that will provide immense therapeutic effects.

Are you thinking about buying CBD bath bombs? Explore the best CBD bath bombs in the market here.

Private label CBD bath bombs & White label CBD bath bombs, Which is better?

The CBD industry keeps growing every year despite the pandemic and other world economic concerns. Demand for CBD products is inching high as we speak. It may be wise to manufacture or sell CBD products to make enormous revenue and profit.

However, setting up a CBD manufacturing facility proves to be expensive, and you may require a lot of money, human resources, and equipment for the same. Not to worry, CBD private label and white label options don’t need much investment.

What are private label CBD bath bombs & White label CBD bath bombs, and what’s the difference? Which one is best for you? Let’s explore.

What are private label CBD bath bombs?

If you are a reseller and sign up with a manufacturer to produce your CBD bath bombs, the concept is private-label. When you go for private label CBD bath bombs, you own the product, and you decide on the list of ingredients and other vital things in the production process.

There are many types of CBD bath bombs in the market. Some provide a unique aroma, while some focus on the pain-relief and relaxation. Buyers love each variant for distinct reasons, depending on their individual preferences.

Let’s assume you have a special recipe to make CBD bath bombs that could attract a wide range of CBD users. However, if you don’t have the resources to manufacture the same, you can approach a CBD company that can do it for you.

In a CBD bath bomb private label project, you decide the recipe and ingredients, and the manufacturer mass-produces them for you. Hemp Health Inc is one such brand where you can get private label CBD bath bombs under your brand name.


  • You decide the ingredients and have higher profits due larger amount of manufacturing
  • You can choose your preferred packaging options
  • You can customize anything and everything to make exact CBD bath bomb you like
  • You pay the manufacturer to mass-produce your CBD bath bombs

What are white-label CBD bath bombs?

White label CBD bath bomb is the most cost-efficient option for retailers and freelancers to enter the CBD industry with low capital. Unlike private label contracts, you cannot produce your recipe, and you don’t have to be an expert in product designing. Instead, you can choose the CBD bath bomb variants from the manufacturer’s offering.

People with retail stores, online stores, or affiliate networks can make a fortune selling white label CBD bath bombs. You can use your brand logo on the products produced by Hemp Health Inc, and you don’t have to invest a lot to start.

If you have expertise and infrastructure for marketing and want to sell a good product under your brand name, opt for white-label CBD bath bombs. You can get high-quality white-label CBD bath bombs from Hemp health Inc at a reasonable price.


  • The manufacturer produces the CBD bath bombs using their recipe, process, and materials.
  • You can specify only the brand name or logo on the label.
  • The manufacturer produces the products, puts your brand details on the label, and delivers it to you.
  • Relatively cheaper than private label contracts

Which is better? White-label or private label?

You can go for private label CBD bath bombs if you want to launch your own CBD product without a manufacturing facility. That way, you can pay the manufacturer to produce the products the way you want, including packaging and labeling.

On the other hand, a white-label contract allows you to buy CBD bath bombs in bulk with your brand name on it. So, you don’t need product designing expertise but still, sell a range of CBD products under your brand name.

What’s more?

Hemp Health Inc offers private label CBD suppositories, private label CBD bath bombs, and many such CBD products. Businesses can get the below CBD products under white-labels or private labels.

  • Pet Treats (Chicken, Salmon, Peanut Butter, and Bacon)
  • Capsules
  • Pure CBD Isolate Powder
  • CBD Concentrates
  • Oil (Raw, Decarboxylated, Pure)
  • Salves and Balms (Multiple Scents)
  • Suppositories (With and Without Ozone)
  • Oral Sprays (Pets & Humans – Multiple flavors, strengths, and sizes)
  • Edibles (Peanut Butter, Honey)

If you plan to produce any CBD products other than the above ones, you can contact Hemp Health Inc to discuss the same.