HempHealth’s New CBD Dog Treats Featured on Fox News 5

HempHealth was honored to be featured on Fox News 5 last week to show off our new line of CBD Dog Treats. It’s always a pleasure to get to talk about our products and spread the word to all those out there who have yet to experience the benefits of all-natural CBD – for themselves or their pups!

Hemp Health Product Picked by Celebrities!

CBD cream

If you get a chance, flip through OK weekly the recent issue of OK weekly and spot our CBD Salve listed under “12 Perfect Celebrity Picks.” Used for acne, psoriasis, arthritis pain, sore muscles, and even melanoma, this amazing salve has been making headlines all over the place, and deserves a second look if you haven’t tried it yet!

Parenting.com Article Covers Autistic Child’s Success Story

CBD cannabis spray

For more coverage on the autistic Puerto Rican nine year old, whose parents claim has seen a life-changing transformation after treatment with CBD spray, check out this article on parenting.com. The thought of a child uttering his first words after using a product we believe in so strongly is truly heart-warming. Check it out and comment if it was the same for you!

Forbes.com Article: Parents of Autistic Children Turning to CBD

CBD spray bottle high CBD

Autism is an ever-growing problem, with more children being diagnosed every year. A recent Forbes.com article discusses parents of autistic children who are turning to CBD treatments, and who claim that the natural CBD has eased their children’s symptoms. As with similar stories about children with epilepsy who have responded to CBD treatments, we’re very encouraged to hear success stories like this. Check out the article over on Forbes.com and let us know what you think!

Hemp Health Inc. Introduces Twyns, the First Legal CBD and THC Mixing Kit

Perfect for creating a personalized, therapeutic blend of liquid Cannabidiol and THC, Twyns helps people make the best use of cannabis for personal health and wellness

CARLSBAD, Calif. – April 28, 2015 – Hemp Health Inc., maker of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products, today released Pharma-CBD Twyns, the first legal CBD and THC mixing kit. Twyns allows cannabis users to create the perfect, therapeutic blend of CBD and THC – without smoking anything. Twyns will help patients and everyday users personalize cannabis supplementation to meet their health and wellness goals.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a principal compound in the popularly known medical cannabis plant, and while patients normally get THC by smoking the plant, this presents three problems. First, many patients would prefer not to smoke. Second, the best known medical varieties are rich in THC but very low in CBD. Third, individuals react differently to various levels of CBD and THC, but normally they can’t choose the proportion of each compound. Twyns addresses all three problems by allowing users to ingest THC and custom blend both compounds in one liquid solution.

“Twyns” refers to the two bottles contained in the mixing kit. One bottle comes filled with Hemp Health Inc.’s pharma-grade CBD. The second bottle is for liquid THC, and law requires that it be filled by a local dispensary.

“Twyns is a true partnership between our company and the local dispensaries that are critical to the cannabis economy,” said Katarina Maloney, President of Hemp Health Inc. “We’re interested in working with dispensaries that can extract high quality liquid THC to complement our CBD. All the research suggests that we can provide much greater value to customers if we offer one product that is rich in both THC and CBD. Nothing like this has been introduced to the market.”

With Twyns, customers can experiment with different amounts of CBD and THC to find the balance that works best. Both the liquid CBD and THC are meant to be ingested, and they can be mixed into salads and smoothies. Twyns owners can purchase additional CBD from their dispensary or from Hemp Health Inc.’s website, and they can refill their THC bottle at the dispensary.

Health Hemp Inc.’s CBD comes from high-CBD, low-THC hemp. Kosher, vegan and non-GMO, the hemp is sourced from sustainable farms in Germany, Denmark and other European countries. The CBD alone is legal all 50 states and 42 countries.

To learn more about Pharma-CBD Twyns, visit www.hemphealthinc.com/twyns

HempHealth on ABC Valley View Live for Earth Day

As always, we here at HempHealth are passionate proponents of the potential benefits of CBD-based products and a healthy lifestyle. However, we’re also passionate about a healthy planet! Any time we get the opportunity to share our views and products with people is a privilege, and HempHealth Vice President Janell Thompson enjoyed the chance to do just that with ABC’s Valley View Live, where she did an interview and showcased our CBD Oils, CBD Spray, and other products. Head over to the site and check out the full video!