CBD Oil For Dogs with Cancer – What to Look For?

Dogs are dynamic and lovely creations of God. They show unconditional love to us and keep our homes lively. However, it all could fade when they fall ill. Cancer is one of the deadly and unpleasant diseases that affect older dogs.

Many dog owners prefer CBD to help their dogs manage or eliminate the cancer symptoms. But does CBD oil cure cancer? Can you give CBD oil to dogs with cancer? Well, there’s no short answer to that question. Let’s dive into the topic.

Does CBD oil cure dog cancer?

Undeniably, cancer is a deadly disease and requires medical attention at the earliest, and CBD isn’t a cure for cancer in animals or humans. However, it is ne of the natural compounds that can help your dog achieve relief from cancer symptoms.

Loss of appetite, serious pain, lumps and bumps under the skin and abnormal weight loss or gain are a few cancer symptoms in dogs. So, yes, its is an excellent option to help your pup during this hard time.

What science says about CBD for dogs with cancer?

Many ongoing studies aim to discover if CBD can prevent or slow down cancer. Some studies aim at exploring the potential benefits in alleviating these symptoms. In both cases, scientists have confirmed some positive outcomes.

Cancer-affected dogs tend to suffer frequent and intense pains. Such pains are crueler than death. As per studies, CBD may ease neuropathic pains and nausea caused by underlying conditions. Besides that, it can as well reduce the anxiety caused by cancer symptoms.

It seems to regulate the appetite changes caused by cancer treatment too. Also, one study revealed that CBD inhibits cancer cell growth, which is great news for pet owners looking to give CBDa and CBGa oil to dogs with cancer.

Which is the best CBD oil for cancer-affected dogs?

You can choose from three CBD types: Isolates, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBDa and CBGa extracts. Isolates contain only CBD and are usually derived from THC-free industrial hemp. That said, Isolates are ideal for people that require focused results and THC-free product.
Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum contain many other phytocannabinoids available in the Cannabis plant family. However, Full-spectrum contains legal limits of THC. Experts suggest that Full-spectrum oil works best for dogs with cancer. CBDa and CBGa extracts are great options as well based on current research during Covid.

Check this page for some excellent Full-spectrum CBD oils.

How much CBD, CBDa or CBGa oil should you give a cancer-affected dog?

Cancer symptoms are often painful and cause anxiety in dogs, requiring more than one dose to tackle the pain and stress. Two or three doses of CBD per day can give the best results.

So, start giving your dog 4 to 5mg per dose twice daily and observe the results. If you think your dog requires more, increase the dosage by 1 or 2mg until you feel your dog is comfortable.

If you are giving your dog any medication for cancer, you should consult your physician before including CBD in your dog’s diet.