White Label CBD

Those who run a small business may find themselves considering jumping into the CBD industry. Why? Well, because that industry is absolutely booming in popularity. With the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill a few years ago came a huge rise in popularity of CBD products.

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One top researcher stated in a Forbes article that the CBD market may reach $19.5 billion by 2025. That is a huge amount of money. Jumping into the CBD industry now will help small businesses build a loyal customer base before the market become oversaturated.

This is where White Label CBD selling comes into play. If you are wondering what that is and how you can get started, we are here to inform you.

What are White Label CBD Products?

White label CBD products are products produced by one company. These products are then rebranded for sale by another company. If you already own a small business that has a loyal customer base. White label CBD may be a great option for you.

This is because the brand you are selling may help sell your white label CBD products. With white label CBD products, you can make the white label company’s brand your own.

You use the branding and marketing that has already brought your business success. This branding and marketing will then help you sell these white label products.

With white labeling, you find a product that has already been successfully manufactured. You then personalize the labeling to your own brand to sell.

White labelling your CBD products is perfect for those who do not know a lot about CBD formulations. This is because you don’t have to formulate the product yourself. Instead, you just have to market and sell it.

Tips for Starting a White Label CBD

Anyone can jump into the CBD industry. You just have to build a good knowledge of the industry and put in the work.

Do Your Research

First thing’s first, you want to be as educated as possible in the CBD industry. This is because the industry comes with many laws and guidelines. Brush up on what is allowed and what isn’t.

This can include how you market to your consumers. It can impact the products you sell. It can even affect how you sell your products.

You aren’t going to be able to just do research once and forget about it, either. The laws will constantly be upgrading, especially as new research continues to arise. Rather, you are going to have to continue your research as long as your business is running.

Watch for new regulations released by lawmakers in your country, state, and city. Keep an eye on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They will soon be releasing new guidelines for the CBD industry.

All in all, you will want to stay updated on CBD related news and laws. This is because you want to keep your business legal.

You don’t only have to research the laws and regulations, though. Research can also benefit your marketing strategies and help you decide which products you wish to sell.

Watch for news abut new studies about the benefits of CBD. This will help you ensure you are reaching clients who will greatly benefit from the CBD products.

Find a High-Quality Supplier

Find a supplier who creates high-quality products. You will want to ensure their products are produced with the utmost care. You will want to know how the products are developed. You will want to understand how deeply their expertise in the industry runs.

Here at Hemp Health Inc., we have worked to ensure each of our white label products are produced in the best way possible. We want each of our white label customers happy and satisfied with our products.

We are here to help you pick the products that suit your brand the best. Any question you or your customers have will be provided with answers by our team to the best of our ability.

We have worked with many businesses who have found success in selling our products. This is because we create high-quality, reliable products.

Establish Your Business Plan

It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or have been running your business for years. Either way, you will have to establish a business plan for introducing CBD products.

This plan should include:

  • A budget. There are a few questions you may want to ask yourself in establishing a budget. How much are you able to spend on your CBD business? How much do you intend to charge for your products? How much will it cost to get started in selling CBD? How long do you estimate it will take to see a profit?
  • Marketing strategies. After you have research the CBD industry, you will need to decide who you would like to market to. What is your intended audience? What kind of marketing would attract this audience to your CBD products? Marketing CBD products can be tricky, as certain social media sites don’t allow paid CBD ads. This simply means you have to get creative in building your marketing strategies and techniques.
  • The products. You have to consider your products in your business plans. What products will you sell? Which products do you expect to sell the best? How will you get them to your consumers?

Provide Great Products and Your CBD Business Will Boom

As the CBD industry continues to grow, you will see a significant increase in profit. You just have to get started now. Jump into the CBD industry with high quality service and products.

This will be key in reaping the benefits of the CBD industry’s boom in popularity. Provide your customers with transparency. Build your brand. Have the best customer service possible.

Most importantly, provide your customers with products they love. Hemp Health Inc. has a reputation for creating high quality products. We have worked with a multitude of companies who have found success in working with our products.

Contact us today and we will help you find the right program for you.




Private Label CBD

Those who dream of starting a CBD business may find themselves wondering just how beneficial it can be for them. I am here to tell you that the potential of the CBD industry is incredibly large. The industry is absolutely booming in popularity right now.

With the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill came a huge rise in popularity of CBD products. Which is precisely why so many people have decided to jump in headfirst to the industry. Everyone wishes to have a piece of the pie.


One article in Forbes stated that the CBD market is estimated to reach $19.5 billion by 2025. That is a significant jump in profit compared to the 4.6 billion dollars it saw in 2020. As of right now, it is estimated that over 50% of US adults are using some form of CBD products.

This is because the products have a huge amount of  benefits to offer users. These benefits include:

  • Decreasing symptoms of mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Pain relief
  • Aiding in treating certain epilepsy syndromes
  • Possibly helping to strengthen one’s immune system
  • And so much more!

Hopping into the CBD industry now will help entrepreneurs build their loyal customer base before the market becomes oversaturated. It will ensure they are able to grab their piece of the pie before it is too late.

This is why beginning a Private Label CBD business may benefit you. If you are wondering just what that is and how you can begin, we are here to inform you.

What are Private Label CBD Products?

Private label CBD products are products produced by a manufacturer. The manufacturer’s products are then rebranded by a different business. This business then posts the products for sale for a profit.

As a company that sells private label CBD products, you will create a business specifically for them. This business will have its own branding and labels.

With private labeling, you work to find a product that is successfully manufactured already. You then sell the product in your business’ website, store, or e-commerce store.

Private labelling your CBD products is perfect if you aren’t super knowledgeable about CBD formulations. This is because you don’t have to create the product yourself. Instead, you can just focus on selling and marketing it.

Tips for Starting a Private Label CBD Business

Getting your private label CBD business started can be overwhelming and intimidating. We are here to help you. Below, we will provide you with some tips and tricks for getting started.

1.      Do Your Research

Before opening, you want educate yourself as much as possible about laws and regulations. The CBD industry comes with many restrictions and guidelines. These restrictions and guidelines can control:

  • How you market
  • What you sell
  • How the products are made
  • Your packaging
  • How the products are shipped

You have to continue to further your research as long as your business is open. This is because you want to keep your business legal and ethical. You don’t want to be caught breaking any laws or regulations.

Keeping your business legal isn’t the only benefit of researching. Make sure you are keeping up with CBD news.

Everyday, there are new studies done that show the new benefits found in CBD. Keeping updated with this news will ensure you are able to reach the customers who will benefit from your products the most.

Find a High-Quality Manufacturer

Find a manufacturer who creates high-quality products. Work to find a manufacturer who:

  • Is ethical and legal
  • Follows all guidelines and regulations
  • Hires the most qualified experts
  • Creates great products
  • Has great reviews

Hemp Health Inc. is a manufacturer who has established a reliable and high-quality rapport. We have worked to ensure each of our private label products are high-quality and dependable.

We work to help entrepreneurs all over the US pick products that suit the business goals the best. Any questions will be provided with answers by our team of experts to the best of our ability. We put in the work to help you find success in the CBD industry.

Establish a Business Plan

A business plan is crucial for any new business. This plan should include:

  • In this budget, you will want to consider a few questions, like: How much do you have to spend on your CBD business? How much will it cost to start your CBD business? How much will you charge for your products? How long do you estimate it will take to see a profit?
  • Target audience. What will your audience look like? What age will they be? What problem of theirs are you looking to solve?
  • Marketing strategies. What kind of marketing would attract your intended audience to buy your CBD products? Marketing CBD products can be full of obstacles. This is because certain social media sites don’t allow paid CBD ads. You have to build organic traffic to get people looking at your CBD business’ site. This simply means you have to get creative in building your marketing strategies and techniques. Consider SEO strategies and ways you can build a following on social media- without using paid ads.
  • Choosing products. This is the part of your business that will decide what you will be supplying your customers with. After considering your budget and intended audience, you will want to consider products that will benefit them. So, what products do you intend to sell? Which products will sell the best? How will you package and ship them to your consumers?

Build a Competitive Business to Reap the Benefits of the Industry

The CBD industry grows larger everyday. As it continues to grow, you will see a significant increase in profit.

All you need to do is jump in now. This will be critical in reaping the benefits of the CBD industry’s boom. Give your customers high quality service and products. They will then provide you with their loyalty.

Build a reputation of good service and transparency. Most importantly, provide them with products they trust. Hemp Health Inc. has a reputation for creating high quality products. We have worked with many great companies who have found success in working with our products.

Contact us today and we will help you find the right program for you.





CBD Wholesale and Manufacturing

CBD is a market that has only just begun. And yet, it grows larger every single day. Because of this, the CBD industry has caught the eye of many business-minded entrepreneurs.

If the CBD industry has begun to spark your interest, you have likely fallen down the rabbit hole of research. This research is probably what brought you to this article. In this article, we are going to help you learn more about wholesale and CBD manufacturing.

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The Future of the CBD Industry

According to Forbes, the CBD industry brought in a whopping 4.6 billion dollars in 2020. This comes only two years after the federal legalization of hemp and hemp-based CBD products. In 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill passed, legalizing CBD products in the US.

These numbers are only going to continue to grow. As a matter of fact, the same Forbes article suggests the CBD industry will bring in $15 billion by 2024. That number is expected to grow to $29 billion by 2025.

This estimated growth is huge. Research continues to suggest more and more benefits offered by CBD, such as:

  • Reducing anxiety and PTSD symptoms
  • Easing depression symptoms
  • Alleviating certain epilepsy syndromes
  • Pain relief

However, the research for CBD has only just begun to scratch the surface. It is believed that there are a multitude of other benefits just waiting to be discovered. As these benefits continue to become known, the industry will only grow larger and larger.

What is CBD Manufacturing?

CBD manufacturing is the process of creating and producing CBD products. CBD manufacturers will have a role in breeding, growing, and harvesting cannabis plants. They will work to ensure these plants have higher levels of CBD for their products.

As the manufacturer harvests their cannabis plants, they will then create the CBD- based product. At Hemp Health Inc., we have a group of experts who work to ensure each product manufactured is high quality. These experts are meticulous and follow strict guidelines to produce the best product possible.

What is a CBD Wholesaler?

A CBD wholesaler is the ones who market and sell the completed CBD products. CBD wholesalers purchase the manufactured goods and sell them to customers and retailers at a profit. The CBD wholesaler typically handles customer service, shipping, and handling of products.


Should You Become a CBD Wholesaler?

CBD demand is immensely high right now. Better yet, the industry has been estimated to only continue to grow. With each passing day, the benefits of CBD are continuing to become more clear. This has more people scrambling to jump into the industry.

If you dream of finding success as a CBD wholesaler, you have to be ready to build a reliable business. Don’t know how to get started? We are here to help you!

Tips for Becoming a CBD Wholesaler

Becoming a CBD wholesaler has a ton of potential to offer. However, it can be overwhelming to get started. This is why we have decided to provide you with some tips to get your CBD wholesale business running.

Do Your Research

There are many laws and regulations surrounding the CBD industry. Before starting your CBD wholesale business, you should make sure to build a significant understanding of these laws and regulations.

These laws and regulations will control many aspects of your business, including:

  • Your products
  • Your marketing strategies
  • The claims you make as a business
  • And more

Create a Business Plan

Once you have developed an understanding of the laws and regulations of the industry, you must create a plan. In this plan, you should decide:

  • Who your target customers are. This will help determine your marketing strategies and the products you decide to offer.
  • Getting licensed. You want to run your business legally. This means you must follow the laws and get the licenses and permits needed for your business.
  • The estimated cost of running your business. Here you will want to consider a few different questions. What is your budget for getting started? How can you stay in budget? What prices will you need to offer your products at to create a profit that is worthwhile?
  • How long it may take to begin to see a profit. Starting your business will likely put you out a bit of money. Consider the prices you have set your products at and the money you have spent starting your business. With that in mind, how long will it be until you begin to see a profit for your money and time?

Find the Right Manufacturer

Here at Hemp Health Inc., we will work to provide you with the best product and services. We want to help you get your CBD wholesale business up and running smoothly and successfully.

We provide every one of our wholesalers with the things they need to be successful, including:

  • Great and convenient service: You don’t have to shell out any out-of-pocket costs when working with us. You just offer the products to your clientele and collect the payments. We will then ship your order and charge your account accordingly.
  • Providing answers: certain areas of the CBD industry are still a mystery to some. We are highly educated and ready to answer any questions your customers may have. Whether they be specifically about the products or about CBD in general.
  • High quality products: The quality of your products is so important to building a loyal clientele. This is why we provide your customers with high quality CBD products. We want you and your clientele to be happy with the products you have purchased!

There is so much potential in the CBD industry. You just have to build a competitive business.

Building a competitive business means you have to build loyal clientele. As the years pass by, you’re your returning customers will make up a significant amount of your business. This is why you have to ensure your customers are happy.

How do you do this? Firstly, you want to provide them with high quality customer service. This includes being available to answer any concerns or questions.

Most importantly, though, you will want to provide them with great products. Hemp Health Inc. is here to help you do just that. Reach out to us today to discuss what you need to get started.



How To Start Your New CBD Private Label

The CBD industry is booming and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The industry is still fairly new, which means the potential business opportunities it has to offer can be endless. There are a wide variety of CBD products you can offer, including:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD bath bombs
  • and so many other innovative CBD-based products

There are so many possibilities and such a great potential in the industry. It is no wonder so many people want to stick their hand in the CBD industry to reap the benefits.

Why You Should Start Your Own CBD Label

In the few years since the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp-derived CBD, the industry has absolutely boomed. What does this mean for those interested in starting their own label? The earlier you jump in, the better chance you and your CBD label have of making it big within the industry.

The research surrounding CBD has suggested that the hemp-derived product has a ton of benefits to offer its users. The benefits suggested by research include:

  • Reducing depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Treating certain epilepsy syndromes
  • Decreasing symptoms of PTSD
  • Aiding in the treatment of an opioid addiction
  • Pain relief
  • Easing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) symptoms
  • Reducing diabetic complications
  • Neuroprotection
  • Alleviating symptoms of arthritis

Scientists have already found so many benefits in their research of CBD. The best part is, they have only just scratched the surface. New research comes out every day. And with each new finding, the CBD industry will likely continue to grow.

According to an article on the Forbes website, 2020 CBD sales in the U.S. hit $4.6 billion. This comes only two years after the federal legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoids. With so much growth in so little time, we can only imagine how quickly the industry will continue to grow.

As a matter of fact, the same article estimates that the CBD industry will be bringing in an estimated $15 billion to $29 billion by the years 2024 and 2025.

Tips for Starting Your New CBD Private Label

We have now established the multitude of benefits CBD has been suggested to offer in research. Has learning about the potential of the CBD industry got you dreaming of jumping into the playing field?

Starting your new CBD private label may sound like a dream come true. However, getting started has probably left you feeling overwhelmed. We are here to help.

Below, we will provide you with a few tips and tricks to get your own CBD private label up and running.

Do Your Research

First thing’s first- you want to know everything there is to know about the industry. Brush up on the technicalities and guidelines within the legalities for your products. Develop a deep understanding of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill is the one that federally legalized hemp and hemp- based CBD products.

Yes, the law legalized hemp and hemp- based CBD products. However, this legalization did not come without strict restrictions. As you build your business, you are going to want to understand these restrictions and guidelines. You are also going to have to continue to keep up to date with them.

This is because each guideline is likely to change as we continue to learn more about the hemp-based product. The FDA has been working on building guidelines around the CBD industry. As they figure out these guidelines, CBD- based business owners will have to keep up to date with them.

Finding the Right Manufacturers

After researching the laws and guidelines, you are going to want to find the right manufacturer. Here at Hemp Health Inc, we offer high quality CBD products, such as:

  • Pet treats
  • Pure CBD isolate powder
  • Concentrates
  • Oils
  • Balms
  • Salves
  • Capsules
  • Suppositories
  • Pet and human oral sprays
  • Edibles

As a matter of fact, even if you have other products in mind, we are open to discussing it with you! Just reach out to us and we will get you into the program that fits your needs.

Marketing and Selling Your Product

When marketing and selling your CBD products, you must still be mindful of laws and regulations. The 2018 Farm Bill certainly helped to loosen the abilities CBD industry.

However, there are still obstacles. These obstacles are especially difficult on online platforms, like eBay and Amazon.

Social media advertisements can also be tricky when it comes to selling CBD. Some paid CBD ads run the risk of a banned or suspended account. Learning how to organically grow your CBD business’ social media may be your best bet at increasing your label’s visibility.

When it comes to selling and marketing your products, get those creative juices flowing. Build a website that is easy to find through Google searches. Understand the market- from the laws and regulations to the strategies that derive the most traffic. Get your name out there the best you can.

The CBD Industry Has Immense Potential, so Jump On In.

As you have read, there is immense potential in the CBD industry. With so much potential, you are definitely going to want to take a piece of the pie. However, so will tons of other people.

You have to build a competitive and successful CBD private label in order to find the success you are seeking. The key to building a successful CBD private label is building a loyal clientele. How do you do that?

By providing your clients with high quality products and services, of course. In regards to service, you are going to want to provide your customers with great satisfaction.

Work to provide your customers with high quality service with a quick response rate. Be transparent about your business practices. Most importantly, truly listen to your customer’s concerns and feedback.

In regards to products, we’ve got your back here at Hemp Health Inc. Through the years, we have worked with a multitude of clients who have found success by reselling our products.

We work with each of our clients to ensure they sign up for the right program for their business. We help our clients find a program that reaches every one of their business needs and goals.



CBD Oil for Cats – Everything You Need to Know

CBD short form for Cannabidiol, is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant family. CBD is a non-psychoactive, legal and safe for all age groups. In fact, the US FDA has approved a CBD-based drug to treat epilepsy in children. That said, CBD can help your beautiful feline with many ailments as well.

Many pet owners give CBD treats or oils to their cats for better immunity and overall health. Likewise, some pet owners prefer CBD oils for cats with seizures and anxiety. If you want to give CBD to your cat too, then this article is for you. I am sure you have many questions. Example: is CBD safe for cats? How can CBD help cats enjoy a painless life?
Let’s explore.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

Many studies have shown CBD’s positive benefits and therapeutic effects that could improve overall wellness in humans and animals.

As per scientists and vets, CBD is safe for cats. If you overdose on CBD, it may affect your cats. The overdose effects are lethargy, mild sedation, diarrhea, or vomiting. Plus, it might take a few hours before your cat acts normal but usually just like with us humans, she will most likely sleep it off. Health wise overdose will not cause any harm to your dog which makes this product to be pretty safe. Definitely safer than any prescription prescribed.

How much CBD is good for cats?

Too much CBD can result in unpleasant side effects in cats. Since cats are smaller size, many beliefs, smaller doses work best than high doses.

Although there’s no standard dosage chart, as per feedback from hundreds of pet owners and pet CBD brands, it is suggested 5 to 8 mg CBD per day is ideal for a cat that weighs less than 10 pounds. The dosage can be increased if the results are not as desired.

CBD oil for cats seizures

Cat seizure is one of the most common neuromuscular disorders. Head trauma, low blood sugar, and a few other conditions may cause one-time seizures in cats. On the other hand, if your cat experiences frequent seizures, it may be a symptom of epilepsy.

Scientists suggest that CBD can be a potential treatment for seizures caused by epilepsy. As per studies, cats that consume it daily will experience fewer seizures than other cats that don’t. So, it may be good to consider CBD oil for cat seizures.

CBD treats for cats

Cats are usually very selective when it comes to food. They won’t eat anything if they don’t like it. Many cats don’t like raw hemp taste and we don’t blame them. Its not favorite taste to anybody really. Application can be easy however in form of tincture with dropper.

Alternatively, you can buy CBD treats. You can give CBD treats to your cat for managing chronic pains, anxiety symptoms, loss of appetite, and sleep issues as well and she will like it.

Click the below link to check some impressive CBD oils and CBD tinctures for cats and pets.



The Benefits of CBD and CBDa

Our brand, Pharma Hemp Complex, is so excited to be working with MCNB Holding Corporation and Labyrinth Sphere on clinical trials to further our knowledge of the benefits associated with CBD. Through the trials, participants will be monitored through observation and brain scans, allowing the scientific community to build a more in-depth knowledge about how CBD CBDa and CBGa, may help heal specific ailments.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical in cannabis that research has suggested may have many benefits to offer those who use it. While the field of research surrounding CBD is still new, many studies have found promising results suggesting the chemical can be used to aid in healing from many different ailments.

It Has Been Suggested to Help with COVID

As the rapid spread of COVID-19 seemed to hit every corner of the world, scientists studied the effects it may have on the infection. Studies have found that CBD, CBDa and CBGa may work to prevent and inhibit SARS-CoV-2, which can cause COVID-19.

It Could Provide Relief from Aches and Pains

While more research is needed on this subject, animal studies have suggested that CBD may be effective for finding pain relief, providing the user with analgesic effects. It has also been found to act as an anti-inflammatory, furthering the effectiveness of the natural chemical’s ability to relieve pain.

It Has Been Shown to Improve Sleep

Many studies have suggested that CBD can improve a person’s quality of sleep, decrease their sleep disturbances, and reduce their sleep onset latency. The naturally occurring chemical has also been suggested to be beneficial to those struggling with sleep disorders like insomnia as it helps treat specific causes of the sleep disorder, like anxiety.

It May Benefit Your Mental Health

CBD has been found to provide a wide range of benefits to its user’s mental health and wellness. Some studies have found it may help reduce psychotic symptoms, while others have found it has the potential to benefit the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. It has been suggested to help a wide variety of mental health ailments and, as further research continues to prove the benefits of CBD, more people have found themselves curious about the benefits it can provide them.

CBD and Anxiety

As mentioned earlier in the article, CBD has been found to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and social anxiety disorder. While further research is needed, the existing evidence highly supports the idea that CBD could effectively treat anxiety disorders.

CBD and Addiction

Addiction can take its toll on one’s entire life. CBD has thought to have the ability to regulate different neuronal circuits involved in drug addiction. As with the rest of CBD research, studies are sparse but support the idea that CBD may aid in addiction recovery from substances like opioids and cocaine.

CBD and Depression

Animal studies have suggested that CBD may act as an effective treatment for depressive symptoms. It has been found to have a physical effect on brain regions associated with the mental disorder and has produced promising results in quick and sustainable antidepressant effects in animal models.

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical that may provide many people with the healing they need. We are proud to play a part in furthering the research about the incredible healing powers of CBD and are excited to learn more about its potential as a treatment for a variety of ailments.


CBD Oil For Dogs with Cancer – What to Look For?

Dogs are dynamic and lovely creations of God. They show unconditional love to us and keep our homes lively. However, it all could fade when they fall ill. Cancer is one of the deadly and unpleasant diseases that affect older dogs.

Many dog owners prefer CBD to help their dogs manage or eliminate the cancer symptoms. But does CBD oil cure cancer? Can you give CBD oil to dogs with cancer? Well, there’s no short answer to that question. Let’s dive into the topic.

Does CBD oil cure dog cancer?

Undeniably, cancer is a deadly disease and requires medical attention at the earliest, and CBD isn’t a cure for cancer in animals or humans. However, it is ne of the natural compounds that can help your dog achieve relief from cancer symptoms.

Loss of appetite, serious pain, lumps and bumps under the skin and abnormal weight loss or gain are a few cancer symptoms in dogs. So, yes, its is an excellent option to help your pup during this hard time.

What science says about CBD for dogs with cancer?

Many ongoing studies aim to discover if CBD can prevent or slow down cancer. Some studies aim at exploring the potential benefits in alleviating these symptoms. In both cases, scientists have confirmed some positive outcomes.

Cancer-affected dogs tend to suffer frequent and intense pains. Such pains are crueler than death. As per studies, CBD may ease neuropathic pains and nausea caused by underlying conditions. Besides that, it can as well reduce the anxiety caused by cancer symptoms.

It seems to regulate the appetite changes caused by cancer treatment too. Also, one study revealed that CBD inhibits cancer cell growth, which is great news for pet owners looking to give CBDa and CBGa oil to dogs with cancer.

Which is the best CBD oil for cancer-affected dogs?

You can choose from three CBD types: Isolates, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBDa and CBGa extracts. Isolates contain only CBD and are usually derived from THC-free industrial hemp. That said, Isolates are ideal for people that require focused results and THC-free product.
Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum contain many other phytocannabinoids available in the Cannabis plant family. However, Full-spectrum contains legal limits of THC. Experts suggest that Full-spectrum oil works best for dogs with cancer. CBDa and CBGa extracts are great options as well based on current research during Covid.

Check this page for some excellent Full-spectrum CBD oils.

How much CBD, CBDa or CBGa oil should you give a cancer-affected dog?

Cancer symptoms are often painful and cause anxiety in dogs, requiring more than one dose to tackle the pain and stress. Two or three doses of CBD per day can give the best results.

So, start giving your dog 4 to 5mg per dose twice daily and observe the results. If you think your dog requires more, increase the dosage by 1 or 2mg until you feel your dog is comfortable.

If you are giving your dog any medication for cancer, you should consult your physician before including CBD in your dog’s diet.