K9 Resort & Spa Interview

K9 Resort & Spa is more than just your typical doggy daycare. They have certified groomers who are veterinary assistant graduates that have completed specialty training in first aid and CPR. K9 Resort and Spa offers grooming, daycare, overnight boarding, training, and vaccinations. What we really love is their anesthesia-free canine teeth cleaning. Imagine coming home from vacation to your pup with minty fresh breath, that’s what we call pawesome!

Daycare services include enrichment activities to ensure your pet gets to socialize and have meaningful interactions while away from their fur family. K9 Resort & Spa also offers behavior training, and can make training house calls as well!

We’re so impressed by K9 Resort & Spa’s services we sat down with owners Penny and David DiLoreto to talk more about their services, CBD oil and love for dogs. Check out their website to learn more about their services: k9resortandspa.com

What Do You Think Makes Dogs so Special?

At K9 Resort and Spa we believe that each dog is special in his/her own way.  All dogs have a personality that is unique to them, just like humans. Dogs share a special bond with their human family which makes them an excellent companion for service and therapy work, police enforcement and military assistance. No other animal is so versatile in their ability to work alongside and connect with humans the way dog can and do, which makes them very special.

How Do the Services at K9 resort and Spa Help Dogs Become More Well Behaved?

K9 Resort and Spa has developed a comprehensive program that replaces the old Doggie Daycare of yesterday with what we call L.E.E.P. (Life Enrichment/Education Program.) We developed this program because we feel that the old way of just “housing” dogs until their owner can pick them up, or allowing dogs to become exhausted from nonstop play all day is not beneficial to the wellbeing of the dogs while in our care. Our L.E.E.P. daycare design includes all dimensions of wellness – emotional, social, physical and educational, by incorporating educational activities which promotes brain health and mental stimulation, along with physical activities and social time that are critical factors for maintaining dog’s behavioral health.

What Leads To Naughty Behavior In Dogs?

There are many causes of what people consider to be naughty behaviors in dogs which usually range from boredom, anxiety, health issues, fear, and or abuse. Another cause of unwanted behavior in dogs can be attributed to a lack of the dog’s understanding of what is expected of them. To help curb unwanted behavior in dogs it is always best to start with a full health examination by your veterinarian, identify any possible environmental issues that might be creating fear, and incorporate obedience training.

Are the Staff at K9 Resort & Spa able to help give dogs CBD oil at their owner’s request?

We have clients with dogs that are fearful of being groomed and therefore request that their dog be given doggie treats that contain CBD oil before and or during grooming treatments.

Do you think that CBD oil is on it’s way to becoming an essential product for pet owners?

Our clients at K9 Resort and Spa regard their pets as part of their family. They are eager to learn about products like CBD oil that can improve the quality of their dog’s life. We feel that as more people become familiar with the health benefits of CBD oil the more essential it will become and that it’s only a matter of time before pet owners will incorporate CBD oil in their pet’s overall health regiment.

How Important is education for dog owners who want to train their dogs themselves?

At K9 Resort and Spa we feel that any dog training program should begin with educating the dog’s owner. As mentioned earlier, dogs have a connection, a bond, with their owners and are eager to please them. If the dog’s owner does not know how to properly guide the dog through training, the dog can and probably will become confused as to what behavior their owner expects.

What are the most important things for new dog owners to learn?

It has been my experience that not all dog owners feel the same about certain dog behaviors.  For example, some dog owners like it when their dog jumps up on them, while others feel this behavior is bad manners. However, there are some behaviors that are dangerous – like bolting out the open door or gate. Another behavior problem that can be dangerous is when the dog refuses to come when called. In my professional opinion, it is important that all dogs are taught how to sit and wait until they are released at all open doors and or gates. It is also important that all dogs are taught to come when they are called – even when there is something exciting like another dog, people, squirrel or a rabbit passing by. Any new dog owner that doesn’t know how to train their dog with these behaviors should consult with a Certified Dog Trainer and get instructions on how to work with their dog.

Why is it important to get your dog Groomed Regularly?

How long would you go without brushing and or combing your hair?  Mats, knots, tangles or whatever you like to call them are not only unsightly but also unhealthy and the same goes for your dog. Dogs don’t need daily baths like most humans, but they do need to be brushed daily. Yes, even short hair dogs need a good daily brushing to help remove dander and shed hair. It is a common misconception that some dog breeds don’t shed. This is simply not true. All living creatures shed – even humans. Don’t believe me?  Just check out your comb or brush. You will be amazed by how much hair you’ll find. Or try standing in front of the sink the next time you comb/brush your hair. Nail trimming is also very important for your dog’s well being. The pads of dog’s paws are designed to hit the walking surface evenly. Overgrown nails will prevent this from happening and can cause pain in the feet and ankles. Excessively long nails can also catch on things and cause the nail to break, which is painful, or even rip off altogether.

What are some fun dog names you have heard in your line of work?

We have a client that named her dog Pita. At first, I thought it stood for pita bread which is funny because her dog’s fur is about the color of pita bread. But when questioned the owner said it is an acronym for, “Pain In The A_ _ .”

We have another client that originally named her dog Sadia. But people found it hard to remember. To help, the owner put the letter K in front. Now everyone knows her dog’s name Ksadia (quesadilla!)

One client’s last name is Hawkins. She named her dog Sadie.


K9 Resort and Spa is located in Escondido, California. Our Pharma Hemp Complex for Pets products are available at their location and on their website k9resortandspa.com. Stop by with your pup to talk about CBD oil and get a great in person recommendation based on your pet’s needs.

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