What Does CBD Feel Like?

CBD doesn’t get you high or buzzed, but it can help you relax after a long day.

● Introduction to what does cbd feel like?
● The benefits of using CBD over unwinding with an alcoholic beverage
● Ways that you can enjoy CBD to induce relaxation and help with pain
● Links to related products

How do you unwind after a long day?

A long day may have very different meanings depending on who you are and what you do. Maybe you sat in front of a computer or meetings all day, dealt with kids or your elderly parents. Either way, you had a lot on your plate, and it was stressful or draining. Now that you finally have a moment to relax, you may be wondering what does cbd feel like and what you can do to unwind and recharge before you get up and go at it again tomorrow.

The benefits of using CBD over unwinding with an alcoholic beverage?

It might seem ideal to have a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or a cocktail after a long day, but then again, you don’t want to deal with the aftereffects of a headache or that foggy head feeling if you overindulge.

Consider the benefits of CBD oil. It’s a natural extract from the hemp plant believed to promote balance in your endocannabinoid system by helping reduce anxiety, stress, and depression by replenishing the cannabinoid levels in individuals.

What does cbd feel like and ways that you can use to induce relaxation

If you are considering using CBD to induce relaxation, here are some ways you can incorporate it into your evening routine.

CBD Bath Bombs: Soaking in a warm bath infused with a CBD bath bomb for about 30 mins can rejuvenate your body. With the right combination of essential oils, the aromatic fragrances have therapeutic effects on the mind and body.

CBD Infused drinks: There are a few different options available to create a CBD-infused mocktail, to mix with a hot cup of tea, or whatever beverage you choose. Here at Pharma Hemp, we even have drops and powders you can mix in or take independently.

CBD Edibles: Edibles may come in the form of gummies, protein powder, nut butter, or honey, making it easy to incorporate the benefits of hemp CBD oil into your busy lifestyle. Satisfy a sweet tooth or create a healthy snack after a long day.

Our mission at Pharma Hemp Complex is to bring the highest quality hemp cannabidiol based products to the marketplace. When you buy our hemp CBD oil products, you are getting products you can trust, tested by third-party laboratories, and free of toxins. We encourage you to read the many governments clinical trials and online-published medical journals that explore the possibilities of CBD oil alternatives and contact your healthcare practitioner to find out if CBD could meet your healthcare needs.

Visit our online store to discover a CBD product that meets your needs. Remember to start with low doses until you find what works best for you.

How Much THC is in CBD Oil?

Learn the difference between THC and CBD and how much thc is in cbd oil.

● Introduction into Cannabis as a plant
● The difference between THC and CBD
● How much thc is in cbd oil
● How CBD interacts with the body

Where does CBD come from?

Cannabis is a flowering plant from the Cannabaceae family used for a variety of things throughout history. The 2018 Farm Bill classifies industrial hemp as cannabis that contains no more than .3% THC by dry weight. CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, are all abbreviations for the various cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Cannabis produces over 100 different cannabinoids. Some of these mimic the cannabinoid receptors produced in the human body, enabling us to use the plant for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

Besides the legalization of THC and CBD, there are distinct differences in the way the body reacts to each component. For example, THC is known for its intoxicating properties or the high feeling associated with smoking or ingesting cannabis. THC produces a sense of euphoria because it mostly interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. While on the other hand, CBD can lessen some of the intoxicating effects caused by THC. CBD interferes with its ability to bind to the CB1 receptor in the brain.

The full potential of how THC and CBD can help the human body has yet to be understood, and human clinical trials are limited. However, due to its recent popularity and proven benefits, studies are taking place to help us better understand how cannabis interacts with the human body.

How much thc is in cbd oil?

In short, not much, CBD oil legally sold statewide has either zero thc or under 0.3%. You cannot get high on CBD. There are products available on the market that have a combination of CBD and THC, but when you consume CBD-only products, they do not have intoxicating effects due the very low amounts. According to medlineplus.gov the common side effects of consuming THC include:
● Sleepiness
● Decreased short-term memory
● Dry mouth
● Impaired perception and motor skills
● Red eyes
● Panic
● Paranoia

Each person is affected differently. While the benefits of CBD outweigh many of the cons, and it is considered a safe compound, there could be adverse reactions when you use it in conjunction with other medications, or there is contamination in some way. Some of the common side effects associated with CBD are minimal, but according to harvard.edu symptoms can include:
● Nausea
● Fatigue
● Irritability

When considering the use of CBD products, consult your doctor, and choose a manufacturer that produces a high-quality product. Due to its recent popularity, products are abundant in the market today, and because the market isn’t regulated, you could encounter some dishonest manufacturers.

How do I choose a reliable source for CBD products?

When choosing a source or manufacturer for your CBD products, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are three factors to consider before deciding on a brand of CBD products.

1. Consider the CBD oil extraction method. The cost of CBD production isn’t exactly cheap, but if the price to purchase is less than market value, you should question if the extraction method required the use of toxic solvents as a way to cut production costs.

2. Another factor to consider is the hemp cultivation method for CBD. Hemp plants grown in soils rich in led or mercury, or covered in toxic fertilizers and pest control products, are likely to be contaminated with those same substances.

3. Have the products been tested for contamination, and other toxins before being combined with various ingredients designed for consumption and topical use? Even though there aren’t many regulations specifically dedicated to CBD products, a trustworthy manufacturer will ensure that they are delivering a product that is worthy of their brand association.

How much thc is in cbd oil we manufacture? Our mission at Pharma Hemp Complex is to bring the highest quality hemp cannabidiol based products to the marketplace with legal limits of thc and zero thc. When you buy our hemp CBD oil products, you are getting products you can trust, tested by third-party laboratories, and free of toxins. We encourage you to read the many governments clinical trials and online-published medical journals that explore the possibilities of CBD oil alternatives and contact your healthcare practitioner to find out if CBD could meet your healthcare needs. To learn more about our line of products, visit our online store or contact us today.



CBD suppositories – Everything you need to know

Millions of users worldwide use CBD for various purposes. Some people use it for pain relief, while others use it to tackle symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and more. Some people need quick-help depending on their needs and preferences.

The CBD industry offers many CBD products with distinct bioavailability. Also, time to impact may differ from product to product. By far, CBD tincture is considered the best option for easy lifestyle. However, Some people may need the better bioavailability and quicker impact.

CBD suppositories may offer the best bioavailability period, and they could be the answer to such people’s needs. Having that said, are CBD suppositories the best? Can everyone use them? Let’s explore.

What are CBD suppositories?

A CBD suppository is neither an edible nor a topical product but a rectal product. It is unique in terms of usage method and boasts high bio-availability and quicker impact. CBD suppositories are capsules with a v-shaped edge, and one can insert them into the vagina or rectum to benefit from CBD.

How do CBD suppositories work?

Oral CBD products have to go through the digestion process, and our bodies may not absorb most of the CBD. Likewise, topical products may be only effective for skin care and muscle pains and are not ideal for intense full benefit.

The CBD suppositories ingest CBD into the vaginal or rectum walls and enable the CBD to reach the bloodstream almost instantly. Besides, CBD suppositories don’t go through the digestion process, offering one of the quickest and all the CBD effects.

Why should you choose CBD suppositories?

• High absorption rate
• Low consumption leads to savings in long-term
• Intense CBD effect

The primary benefit of CBD suppositories is their high absorption rate. Oral CBD products offer only less than a 25% absorption rate, while vaping CBD could offer slightly higher. Overall, CBD suppositories offer way higher absorption rates than all the other CBD product types.

Besides, CBD suppositories offer quick relief, a boon for people suffering intense pains or anxiety-related symptoms. High absorption means low consumption yet better results. So, you could save hundreds of thousands of bucks every year by buying fewer suppositories.

Can CBD suppositories alleviate pains caused by menstrual cramps or other lower abdomen pains?

We may need more studies exploring the effects of CBD on menstrual cramps before concluding. However, as per studies, CBD doesn’t work like synthetic medication. Unlike allopathic medicine, CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System(ECS) to influence the CB cells to fight against inflammation and mood swings.

That said, it makes sense that CBD suppositories could help alleviate pains caused by menstrual cramps. Plus, anxiety is one of the common symptoms women experience during their menstrual period. As CBD is known for its anxiolytic properties, it could be more efficient than we could imagine.


CBD suppositories could be an excellent option for people looking for a near-instant CBD effect and a high absorption rate. Its usage method may be a little unconventional, but it is much more efficient than most CBD-infused products.

Whatever your choice is, you will not go wrong with any CBD product.

Private label CBD bath bombs & White label CBD bath bombs, Which is better?

The CBD industry keeps growing every year despite the pandemic and other world economic concerns. Demand for CBD products is inching high as we speak. It may be wise to manufacture or sell CBD products to make enormous revenue and profit.

However, setting up a CBD manufacturing facility proves to be expensive, and you may require a lot of money, human resources, and equipment for the same. Not to worry, CBD private label and white label options don’t need much investment.

What are private label CBD bath bombs & White label CBD bath bombs, and what’s the difference? Which one is best for you? Let’s explore.

What are private label CBD bath bombs?

If you are a reseller and sign up with a manufacturer to produce your CBD bath bombs, the concept is private-label. When you go for private label CBD bath bombs, you own the product, and you decide on the list of ingredients and other vital things in the production process.

There are many types of CBD bath bombs in the market. Some provide a unique aroma, while some focus on the pain-relief and relaxation. Buyers love each variant for distinct reasons, depending on their individual preferences.

Let’s assume you have a special recipe to make CBD bath bombs that could attract a wide range of CBD users. However, if you don’t have the resources to manufacture the same, you can approach a CBD company that can do it for you.

In a CBD bath bomb private label project, you decide the recipe and ingredients, and the manufacturer mass-produces them for you. Hemp Health Inc is one such brand where you can get private label CBD bath bombs under your brand name.


  • You decide the ingredients and have higher profits due larger amount of manufacturing
  • You can choose your preferred packaging options
  • You can customize anything and everything to make exact CBD bath bomb you like
  • You pay the manufacturer to mass-produce your CBD bath bombs

What are white-label CBD bath bombs?

White label CBD bath bomb is the most cost-efficient option for retailers and freelancers to enter the CBD industry with low capital. Unlike private label contracts, you cannot produce your recipe, and you don’t have to be an expert in product designing. Instead, you can choose the CBD bath bomb variants from the manufacturer’s offering.

People with retail stores, online stores, or affiliate networks can make a fortune selling white label CBD bath bombs. You can use your brand logo on the products produced by Hemp Health Inc, and you don’t have to invest a lot to start.

If you have expertise and infrastructure for marketing and want to sell a good product under your brand name, opt for white-label CBD bath bombs. You can get high-quality white-label CBD bath bombs from Hemp health Inc at a reasonable price.


  • The manufacturer produces the CBD bath bombs using their recipe, process, and materials.
  • You can specify only the brand name or logo on the label.
  • The manufacturer produces the products, puts your brand details on the label, and delivers it to you.
  • Relatively cheaper than private label contracts

Which is better? White-label or private label?

You can go for private label CBD bath bombs if you want to launch your own CBD product without a manufacturing facility. That way, you can pay the manufacturer to produce the products the way you want, including packaging and labeling.

On the other hand, a white-label contract allows you to buy CBD bath bombs in bulk with your brand name on it. So, you don’t need product designing expertise but still, sell a range of CBD products under your brand name.

What’s more?

Hemp Health Inc offers private label CBD suppositories, private label CBD bath bombs, and many such CBD products. Businesses can get the below CBD products under white-labels or private labels.

  • Pet Treats (Chicken, Salmon, Peanut Butter, and Bacon)
  • Capsules
  • Pure CBD Isolate Powder
  • CBD Concentrates
  • Oil (Raw, Decarboxylated, Pure)
  • Salves and Balms (Multiple Scents)
  • Suppositories (With and Without Ozone)
  • Oral Sprays (Pets & Humans – Multiple flavors, strengths, and sizes)
  • Edibles (Peanut Butter, Honey)

If you plan to produce any CBD products other than the above ones, you can contact Hemp Health Inc to discuss the same.

How many CBD gummies should I eat? Key things to know about CBD dosage

Many people who prefer CBD’s therapeutic effects may also like gummies, and CBD-infused gummies are both fun and healthful. However, you cannot just keep eating CBD gummies throughout the day, if you do you may take more naps than you planned.

Unlike regular gummies, CBD gummies contain Cannabidiol, a natural compound available in the Cannabis sativa plant family. If you eat way too many CBD gummies, you might experience unpleasant side effects like sleepiness, drowsiness.

The overall efficiency of CBD gummies is directly related to the number to take per day. If you eat fewer or more CBD gummies, you may not achieve the desired results. That said, Consuming the right amount of CBD gummies can help you achieve the results you need.

Let’s explore everything about eating CBD gummies.

What science says about CBD gummies dosage?

As per scientists, the ideal CBD gummy dosage may differ from person to person. Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug, dosage recommendations suggest that 5mg per day/kg works best. After a week of consumption, 10mg per day/kg.

However, the said dosage may be ok for people with epilepsy but would be too much for general consumption to tackle minimal pain or anxiety. Since each of our Endocannabinoid systems is different, we recommend 10-25mg CBD per dose.

For example, if the CBD gummies contain 25mg per gummy, you would eat one per dose ( 2-3 times a day). More could be ideal for better results if you take them for moderate pain or severe anxiety.

Nevertheless, the said dosage is just a guideline, and it may not work for all users. Some users may get better results with less dosage, and some might need a much higher dosage before they can feel the CBD effect. It all depends on the condition and personal preferences. It would be best to figure out your best option for you by trying them out.

CBD gummies count for severe pain management
100mg to 150mg per day (Approx Bodyweight – 80KG)

Many CBD users consume CBD gummies for pain management. CBD may help manage chronic pains, muscle pains, acute pains, and inflammation caused by underlying conditions. For a person who weighs 80Kg, anything between 100mg to 150mg of CBD per day should work.

So, if your CBD gummies contain 25mg CBD, you should be eating 4 to 6 CBD gummies per day. However, It may require small but consistent doses to manage chronic pains. So, such users should do even lower does than that.

I would suggest these gummies to help with pain:

25 MG CBD Immunity Gummies

CBD gummies count for anxiety& sleep
50-150mg per day (Approx Bodyweight – 80KG)

Anxiety issues are different from pain management. Anxiety symptoms may not be the same for everyone. They may be intense or negligible, including anger, stress, depression, fear, and mood swings. People with extreme anxiety symptoms may have to take two to three CBD gummies per day with a total CBD intake not less than 150mg.

As per studies, CBD may help achieve better sleep for insomnia patients. Experts suggest that 50-100mg or more CBD can help achieve better sleep. So, if your CBD gummy contains 50mg of CBD extract, you can consume 1 to 2 gummies per night for better sleep.

Further, one can increase the dosage gradually until obtaining the desired results. And remember again, this is just a general suggestion. We always ask you to start with a lower dose and determine your perfect dose.

See perfect gummies for anxiety or sleep: ( hyperlink to our sleep zzz gummies – please rename the page from CBD sleep gummy to CBD gummies for sleep)

25 MG CBD Sleep Gummies with 5 MG Melatonin

What’s more?

Determining the ideal number of CBD gummies per day depends on one’s body weight, condition intensity, metabolic strength, and mainly on your Endocannabinoid system. CBD edibles may be convenient to consume, but the overall results depend on the dosage.

Unlike CBD oils & tinctures, calculating the CBD intake is easier with CBD gummies. Every CBD gummy comes with a fixed amount of CBD extract. That said, one can obtain the best results by consuming just enough CBD gummies per day.

Please contact us for more queries or orders regarding CBD gummies. We offer several options from Elderberry gummies, Sleep, Big Large yummy Peach rings, to Immunity gummies with vitamins and zinc to help to fight the cold and strengthen your immune system.

More find here ( hyperlinks) – For Troy: we need to make the CBD gummies category and remove it from the edibles category as it’s one of the most sold products out there today.



The Best CBD Oil Topicals

Ease your worries and relax with soothing CBD oil topicals by Pharma Hemp Complex. These revitalizing topicals are available in three aromatic scents. Choose from Peppermint Eucalyptus, Ginger Honey, and Vanilla Coconut. A little bit goes a long way with these topicals, so you can get your money’s worth.

All Natural Ingredients

Each Pharma Hemp Complex topical is made with only the finest quality all natural ingredients. Made with all natural hemp derived CBD oil, arnica oil, beeswax and coconut oil. Each scent is produced with the finest essential oils to elevate your senses to a soothing paradise. This formula is never greasy or sticky unlike synthetic pain creams.

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K9 Resort & Spa Interview

K9 Resort & Spa is more than just your typical doggy daycare. They have certified groomers who are veterinary assistant graduates that have completed specialty training in first aid and CPR. K9 Resort and Spa offers grooming, daycare, overnight boarding, training, and vaccinations. What we really love is their anesthesia-free canine teeth cleaning. Imagine coming home from vacation to your pup with minty fresh breath, that’s what we call pawesome!

Daycare services include enrichment activities to ensure your pet gets to socialize and have meaningful interactions while away from their fur family. K9 Resort & Spa also offers behavior training, and can make training house calls as well!

We’re so impressed by K9 Resort & Spa’s services we sat down with owners Penny and David DiLoreto to talk more about their services, CBD oil and love for dogs. Check out their website to learn more about their services: k9resortandspa.com

What Do You Think Makes Dogs so Special?

At K9 Resort and Spa we believe that each dog is special in his/her own way.  All dogs have a personality that is unique to them, just like humans. Dogs share a special bond with their human family which makes them an excellent companion for service and therapy work, police enforcement and military assistance. No other animal is so versatile in their ability to work alongside and connect with humans the way dog can and do, which makes them very special.

How Do the Services at K9 resort and Spa Help Dogs Become More Well Behaved?

K9 Resort and Spa has developed a comprehensive program that replaces the old Doggie Daycare of yesterday with what we call L.E.E.P. (Life Enrichment/Education Program.) We developed this program because we feel that the old way of just “housing” dogs until their owner can pick them up, or allowing dogs to become exhausted from nonstop play all day is not beneficial to the wellbeing of the dogs while in our care. Our L.E.E.P. daycare design includes all dimensions of wellness – emotional, social, physical and educational, by incorporating educational activities which promotes brain health and mental stimulation, along with physical activities and social time that are critical factors for maintaining dog’s behavioral health.

What Leads To Naughty Behavior In Dogs?

There are many causes of what people consider to be naughty behaviors in dogs which usually range from boredom, anxiety, health issues, fear, and or abuse. Another cause of unwanted behavior in dogs can be attributed to a lack of the dog’s understanding of what is expected of them. To help curb unwanted behavior in dogs it is always best to start with a full health examination by your veterinarian, identify any possible environmental issues that might be creating fear, and incorporate obedience training.

Are the Staff at K9 Resort & Spa able to help give dogs CBD oil at their owner’s request?

We have clients with dogs that are fearful of being groomed and therefore request that their dog be given doggie treats that contain CBD oil before and or during grooming treatments.

Do you think that CBD oil is on it’s way to becoming an essential product for pet owners?

Our clients at K9 Resort and Spa regard their pets as part of their family. They are eager to learn about products like CBD oil that can improve the quality of their dog’s life. We feel that as more people become familiar with the health benefits of CBD oil the more essential it will become and that it’s only a matter of time before pet owners will incorporate CBD oil in their pet’s overall health regiment.

How Important is education for dog owners who want to train their dogs themselves?

At K9 Resort and Spa we feel that any dog training program should begin with educating the dog’s owner. As mentioned earlier, dogs have a connection, a bond, with their owners and are eager to please them. If the dog’s owner does not know how to properly guide the dog through training, the dog can and probably will become confused as to what behavior their owner expects.

What are the most important things for new dog owners to learn?

It has been my experience that not all dog owners feel the same about certain dog behaviors.  For example, some dog owners like it when their dog jumps up on them, while others feel this behavior is bad manners. However, there are some behaviors that are dangerous – like bolting out the open door or gate. Another behavior problem that can be dangerous is when the dog refuses to come when called. In my professional opinion, it is important that all dogs are taught how to sit and wait until they are released at all open doors and or gates. It is also important that all dogs are taught to come when they are called – even when there is something exciting like another dog, people, squirrel or a rabbit passing by. Any new dog owner that doesn’t know how to train their dog with these behaviors should consult with a Certified Dog Trainer and get instructions on how to work with their dog.

Why is it important to get your dog Groomed Regularly?

How long would you go without brushing and or combing your hair?  Mats, knots, tangles or whatever you like to call them are not only unsightly but also unhealthy and the same goes for your dog. Dogs don’t need daily baths like most humans, but they do need to be brushed daily. Yes, even short hair dogs need a good daily brushing to help remove dander and shed hair. It is a common misconception that some dog breeds don’t shed. This is simply not true. All living creatures shed – even humans. Don’t believe me?  Just check out your comb or brush. You will be amazed by how much hair you’ll find. Or try standing in front of the sink the next time you comb/brush your hair. Nail trimming is also very important for your dog’s well being. The pads of dog’s paws are designed to hit the walking surface evenly. Overgrown nails will prevent this from happening and can cause pain in the feet and ankles. Excessively long nails can also catch on things and cause the nail to break, which is painful, or even rip off altogether.

What are some fun dog names you have heard in your line of work?

We have a client that named her dog Pita. At first, I thought it stood for pita bread which is funny because her dog’s fur is about the color of pita bread. But when questioned the owner said it is an acronym for, “Pain In The A_ _ .”

We have another client that originally named her dog Sadia. But people found it hard to remember. To help, the owner put the letter K in front. Now everyone knows her dog’s name Ksadia (quesadilla!)

One client’s last name is Hawkins. She named her dog Sadie.


K9 Resort and Spa is located in Escondido, California. Our Pharma Hemp Complex for Pets products are available at their location and on their website k9resortandspa.com. Stop by with your pup to talk about CBD oil and get a great in person recommendation based on your pet’s needs.

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Decades of Hemp: A Hemp Timeline

The hemp plant has been around since the dawn of time, earliest traces date all the way back to 8,000 BCE.1 So why is it only relatively recently making headlines? Understanding the history of hemp will help you form your own opinions about the plant.

For reference please note that hemp (non-psychoactive) and marijuana (psychoactive) are different plants, but both are in the cannabis family. Although they are different, in some points in history, they have been lumped together.


Hemp usage dates back long before the common era. Artifacts show it was used as rope and clothing. Ancient jars full of hemp seeds and leaves have also been found. It was legally required to be grown in several early American colonies, and King Henry VIII fined English farmers if they refused to grow it.

Cannabis was mentioned in the book Provings of Cannabis Indica in 18592 by Dr. O’Shaughnessy.

Early 1900s

In 1906 the Pure Food and Drug act was passed by US congress. This act required accurate labeling of various pharmaceuticals, including those made with hemp or cannabis.

During this time the Mexican Revolution caused an influx of immigration from Mexico. This is when people started calling cannabis ‘marijuana’, because Mexican immigrants used it for recreation, and that’s the word they used.

In 1916 the USDA published a study showing that hemp can produce 4 times more paper per acre than trees.3


During the 1920’s, alcohol was prohibited, making it very difficult and expensive to obtain. For many looking to relax after a long work day, marijuana was an easier, more affordable alternative.

In 1925, the International Opium Convention banned the export “Indian Hemp Hashish” during their meetings regarding opium.4 Hashish is a highly concentrated marijuana product containing high levels of THC. This convention did not ban industrial, or European hemp fibers, which do not contain enough THC to be psychoactive or to be considered marijuana.


In 1930 the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) was created to control recreational drug use. The FBN was lead by Harry J. Anslinger, who made many unfounded claims about the effects of cannabis.

The Marijuana Tax Act placed a huge tax on all cannabis sales in 1937. Dr. William C. Woodward of Michigan testified against it stating, “…The burden of this bill is placed heavily on the doctors and pharmacists of this country”5

The Marijuana Tax Act passed, despite opposition from doctors. The act made it illegal to purchase any kind of cannabis (hemp or marijuana) without being registered with the IRS and paying a high tax on it.

There are many claims that this tax act was supported by newspaper conglomerate William Hearst, and that he saw hemp as a threat to paper. Hearst had very large investments in paper and lumber during this time, and his newspaper was unfortunately known for sensationalism.


In 1942 the promotional wartime film Hemp for Victory was released by the US Department of Agriculture to encourage farmers to grow as much hemp as possible to support war efforts. This promotion temporarily paused the Marijuana Tax Act.

The LaGuardia Committee released the first publication on the effects of marijuana in 1944, as prepared by the New York Academy of Medicine. The report concluded, “The publicity concerning the catastrophic effects of marijuana smoking in New York City is unfounded.”6

The report concluded with 13 points basically stating that the claims of crime and violence surrounding the plant were not true. Anslinger didn’t agree with their findings, and stated that anyone studying the plant would need personal permission from himself.


With wartime efforts to produce as much hemp as possible now over, the market for hemp began to decline due to strict regulations. During this time efforts to squash out any kind of cannabis, be it hemp or marijuana, was back in effect.

In 1957 the last crop of hemp was harvested in the United States by the Matt Rens Hemp Company.7


Throughout the 60s marijuana use became highly prevalent in the counterculture movement. Unfortunately, the rise of marijuana usage did not help educate the public about the difference between hemp and marijuana.

In 1969 Leary v. United States overturned the Marijuana Tax Act under the logic that the act required self incrimination. This ruling brought forth the Controlled Substances act, which rolled out in the 70’s.8


The Controlled Substances Act places all cannabis, including hemp, in the same drug category. Before this act passed, hemp and marijuana were considered different from one another, unfortunately, this act legally removed that distinction.


A study from 1988 discovered cannabinoid receptors in the brain of a rat.9 This study used THC, CBD, and CBG to demonstrate their findings. Results were conclusive, “The criteria for a high affinity, stereoselective, pharmacologically distinct cannabinoid receptor in brain tissue have been fulfilled.”


In 1992 anandamide, which is part of the endocannabinoid system, was discovered in humans.10 Anandamide is a lipid that carries messages to CB1 & CB2 receptors. This discovery created a snowball effect in which many other components of the endocannabinoid system were discovered.11


Hemp food and skin care products became protected by the Ninth Circuit Court in the 2004 lawsuit Hemp Industries Association v. Drug Enforcement Administration.12 Manufacturers of these products had been carrying out business as usual until 2001, when the DEA announced they were banning these products. In the end, the courts sided with the Hemp Industries Association, and business continued as usual.

In 2007, the first farmers in 50 years were granted a licence to grow hemp in North Dakota.13 Hemp growth in North Dakota has continued to flourish since then.

2010 – Today

Research on cannabidiol continues to roll out. In 2010, 80 studies were published to the US National Library of Medicine. Over 300 studies were published in the year 2018 alone. Search results on pubmed.gov for “cannabidiol” now total over 2,200.

President Barack Obama signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 which removed federal restrictions on growing industrial hemp so it can be researched.14 It also allows states to create their own research programs for studying the benefits of hemp cultivation.

In 2015 the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 was introduced to the Senate, but hasn’t moved past introduction.15 A similar act, The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 also has been introduced to the Senate, and has yet to move forward.16

In 2016 the USDA granted select hemp farms in Colorado the first USDA Organic certification for hemp, only to redact it. The USDA also released Instruction: Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp Production, this Instruction outlines the USDA’s policy on certifying hemp as organic.17

Hemp’s future is looking bright. The 2018 Farm Bill has been passed through the house and senate, and has been signed by the President.18

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp and hemp extracts, better known as CBD oil, federally legal on December 20th, 2018.

The Future of Hemp

We believe hemp CBD oil is on it’s way to becoming a household product that can be found alongside similar plant extracts such as turmeric and moringa. Hemp grows very easily, so we hope home gardeners will find it to be a wonderful addition to their flora. The FDA currently only approves of Epidolex, we hope in the future they will approve of all natural hemp CBD oil for medical applications as well.


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What to Look for when Buying CBD Oil Products

The CBD oil market has expanded greatly relatively recently, selection abounds and many buyers would like guidance on where to start. We have put together some pointers to help you get started. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Our chat and phone lines are open M-F 8am-5pm pacific time, please call 877-598-9984. You can always contact us or DM us on social media.

Third Party Lab Testing

The most important thing to look for is lab test results. These are test results that show the CBD oil content of a given product. We do have lab results available upon request. If you would like to see our lab results please contact us and we will be happy to provide those to you.

Ingredient List

It’s important to read the product’s entire label and know what other ingredients are in the product. If the ingredient section of the label does not list cannabidiol, please don’t assume that there is any CBD in the product. All of our ingredients are listed on each of our packages and on the product pages.

The ingredients in our CBD oil tinctures can be found on the label and on their product pages

Full Spectrum CBD

Another thing to take into consideration when buying CBD oil is whether or not the CBD oil is Full Spectrum. What is full spectrum? That means it contains all the cannabinoids, and not just CBD. This does include a trace amount of THC, under 0.3%. When all the cannabinoids are together they work better, this is commonly referred to as the ‘entourage effect’.1

We have noticed that some products claim to be both full spectrum and THC free, this is not proper usage of the terminology. In order for a product to be considered Full Spectrum, it must contain trace amounts of THC.

There is also CBD isolate, which is just CBD without any other cannabinoids. The best way to compare the two is to compare vitamin C to an actual orange. Either product works well, people do develop preferences based on many factors. We prefer full spectrum, so our products contain full spectrum CBD oil, except for our CBD isolate.

Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

One of the biggest differences among products is bioavailability, or how much of the CBD your body will absorb. For example CBD suppositories have a higher bioavailability than CBD edibles. There’s also a difference in how quickly you will get results from a given product. Time frames can range between just a few minutes with CBD topicals, up to 30 minutes when ingesting an edible or capsule.

Hemp Oil Vs. Hemp CBD Oil

Hemp CBD oil is made with the entire hemp plant including hemp flower, which contains a high amount of CBD. It has been refined using specialized methods to reduce the amounts of excess plant matter. The method we use is called CO2 Extraction. CO2 extraction applies specific temperature and pressure changes to the raw materials to create a highly refined oil containing concentrated amounts of CBD. As for texture, CBD oil is very thick and viscous, almost like a paste.

“Hemp oil” usually refers to hemp seed oil. There are very trace amounts of CBD in hemp seed oil but that’s not what it has been specially processed for, so it’s not a replacement for CBD oil in any situation. While hemp oil isn’t CBD oil, it is still a very healthy oil and it is an excellent carrier oil for CBD oil. We use it in our tinctures because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help your body process CBD efficiently.

We hope this information is helpful for you! Some other great resources to learn about CBD oil are:




  1. https://www.cbdschool.com/what-is-the-entourage-effect/

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How to Talk to Your Family About CBD Oil


If you love CBD oil as much as we do, chances are you wind up chatting about it with just about everyone you know. Odds are you’ve thought to yourself, “What does my family think about CBD oil?!”

Many people have loved ones who can benefit from CBD oil, but they just don’t know about it. Perhaps you are taking CBD, are considering taking it, or just want to let them know. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to start the conversation, and keep it flowing smoothly.

Starting The Conversation

CBD oil has been a trending topic in the last couple of years. This makes it easy to bring up in conversation. If you feel your family is rather neutral on the topic of hemp, you could easily start with something like, “Hey have you heard about CBD oil? It’s all over the internet right now,” or “My friend told me about CBD oil the other day, have you heard of it?” You might find out they already know a thing or two about CBD oil.

If you feel like your family may know what cannabis is, but they aren’t very fond of it, you might want to start off a little differently. Start by talking about topical applications of CBD oil. Many people who are weary of cannabis are much more comfortable with the concept of using CBD oil topically

If they ask about ingesting CBD oil, wait until they seem comfortable to talk about what CBD is made from. Then, lead with the most important fact: CBD doesn’t get you high, and it comes from hemp, a plant with practically no THC.

Destigmatizing Hemp CBD Oil

Whether your family is generally accepting of cannabis or not, it’s really important to destigmatize hemp and CBD oil. Even if your family has been proud supporters of cannabis for generations, they might not have any idea what CBD is. Regardless of their current biases, be sure to steer them towards the facts.

CBD Oil Doesn’t Get You High

A great number set to reference is that CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana has about 15-20% THC on average.1 This is an easy statistic to understand for family members who love numbers and those who don’t.

Another way to explain this is through history. Years and years ago, cannabis plants naturally had low levels of THC. It wasn’t until people started breeding the plants to have higher THC levels that it became what it’s known for today.

Where to Buy CBD

CBD oil can be purchased at a variety of places, here online, grocery and pet stores, spas, cafes and more! Many people think the only place to purchase CBD oil is at a cannabis dispensary or smoke shop, but that’s simply not the case. Take a look at our store locator to see the variety of vendors we work with.

Take Baby Steps

You don’t have to fully on board them in just one, two, or even three discussions. Give them time to let the information sink in. Let them do some of their own research, and don’t get discouraged if they seem doubtful.

If you can, take them to a place like a farmer’s market, where you are likely to find a CBD oil vendor and they can ask additional questions. Learning more from a new person who is also likely well-versed in the knowledge and benefits can help them see that CBD oil is on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

Encourage your loved one to research and ask questions on CBD. This way next time you talk about it with them, they will have something to share. Stay positive, there is a lot of hope for the future.

What kind of experience have you had when talking to your family about CBD oil? Tweet us @PharmaHempCplx.


  1. https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/understanding-marijuana-thc-cbd-levels

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